1950 Mar. Sanbo Chemical Industry established as unincorporated joint-capital company in Yamamoto-cho, Sakai-shi
1952 Nov. Incorporated as Sanbo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., with capital of ¥600,000
(President: Shigeaki Bessho)
1959 Oct. Kannabe Plant established and starts operation
1962 Sep. Production of intermediate pharmaceutical products commences at Kannabe Plant
Dec. Head office moves from Yamamoto-cho to present location in Kannabe-cho
1968 May Research Grant for Important Technology received from the Regional Bureau of International Trade and Industry
1969 Jun. Wakayama Plant established and commences operations in Kozaika, Wakayama Prefecture, Yamamoto Plant closed
1976 Jun. Wakayama Plant acquires pharmaceutical manufacture license
1978 Jul. Capital increased to ¥96 million
1980 Sep. Subsidy received from the Small and Medium Enterprises Agency
1981 Nov. Minoru Furukawa appointed President
1984 May Research grant received from the Research Development Corporation of Japan
Jun. Technology upgrade subsidy received from the Small and Medium Enterprises Agency
1985 Mar. Establishment of wholly-owned subsidiary, Sanbo Chemical K.K. Shizuoka Plant starts operation
1989 Nov. Yoshiyuki Bessho appointed President
1993 Sep. Sanbo Chemical K.K. merges with parent company, which thereby acquires the Shizuoka Plant
1997 Feb. Shizuoka Plant receives ISO 9002 certification
1998 Apr. Sakai Plant receives ISO 9002 certification
2002 Nov. 50th anniversary of establishment
2005 Nov. Wakayama and Sakai plants receive ISO 14001 certification
2006 May Consignment for regional new consortium development business received from Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Indusutry
Nov. Consignment for joint research and development received from industry-academia-government consortium (City of Sakai and Osaka Prefecture University)
2007 Nov. Construction completed on new R&D wing on site of Sakai No.1 Factory
2008 Nov. Main office section receives ISO14001 certification
2009 Jan. Shizuoka Plant receives ISO 14001 certification
2010 Nov. Unified all ISO14001 system
Yoshiyuki Ohashi appointed President
2012 Nov. 60th anniversary of establishment
2017 May Unified all ISO 9001 system
2018 Nov. Kazumi Nejigaki appointed President
2019 Feb. Saga Plant starts operation
2021 Nov. Masataka Fujioka appointed President
2022 Nov. 70th anniversary