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The duplication and secondary use of information provided by the Company on this website is strongly prohibited without the Company’s consent. The content on this website is protected by law, and the duplication or copying of all or a portion of it is also prohibited. Except for cases with clear consent from the Company, the logos, charts, images and website design and layout may not be duplicated, copied or redistributed.


The Company strongly respects the intellectual property rights of third parties, and we expect the users to hold the same amount of respect for the intellectual property rights of third parties. The copyright of the content (text, photos, illustrations, etc.) posted on this website belong to the Company and is protected by the Copyright Act. The reprinting of images, text and other accompanying data, including product catalog information is beyond the extent of personal use and other laws, and the use (including duplication, modification, uploading, posting, transmitting, distributing, sale and publishing) of said content is prohibited unless written consent is obtained in advance. The unauthorized modification or all or part of the content of this website is also prohibited.

Trademark rights

The trade name "Sanbo Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.," its logos and other product names used on this website are properties of the Company, including the Company’s registered trademark. Any other products or company names found on the website may be the property of trademark owners. Any rights that have not been explicitly expressed in these terms and conditions may not be used.


The information and related charts found on the Company’s website may contain technical inaccuracies or partially lacking in accuracy. Also, the Company may change or modify them at any time without advance notice. The Company may also improve, edit or add changes to the products posted on this website without advance notice. The Company assumes no guarantees regarding accuracy and reliability of the content found on this website. Prevention measures for computer viruses shall be implemented at the expense of the user, and the Company assumes no responsibility regarding any damages.

Handling of links

The content of third party websites (hereinafter referred to as ‘link sites’) that have been linked to or from this website shall be managed under the responsibility of each company, and the use of the link sites shall be carried out according to each website’s terms and conditions and copyright provisions. Regarding the content of the link sites, the Company assumes no responsibility for any damages that may be incurred through their use. The links to this website are generally allowed in the event that they are not intended for non-profit purposes. Any parties who wish to request a link from a profit-making website, or are unsure whether their website is classified as non-profit or for profit should contact us to obtain authorization from the Company. However, websites that are contrary to public order and morality regardless of whether it is a non-profit or for profit website, or websites with links that have not been authorized by the Company will be unlinked to this website.

Personal information protection

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