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Supporting the creation of cutting-edge technologies from the
ground up with the latest facilities and knowhow accumulated as
an established chemically synthesized product manufacturer.

Since the founding of our company in 1952, we have continued to play a part in the development of cutting-edge technologies as a chemically synthesized product manufacturer with our "wide range of synthetic experience" based on dye synthesis technologies, advanced "impurity and metal management techniques," "vertical start-up speed" developed in the field of electronic components, "wide-ranging networking capabilities" of low-cost raw material procurement from overseas and a "stable supply" thanks to our extensive quality assurance system.

In 2019 we have constructed the new Saga Plant, and we have been establishing a production system that can comply with our client needs in a flexible and speedy manner.

Corporate Mark

Corporate Mark

Our corporate logo was designed by the Company's founder.

The three Bs in the center stand for the corporate name (SAN (three) -BO) and the three principal dyestuff colors: Blue, Black and Brown. The C on the left is for "Chemical" and the L on the right for "Laboratory".