Message from President|SANBO CHEMICAL IND. CO., LTD.

Message from President

Thank you for visiting our website today.

Sanbo Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd. was established in 1950 to contribute to the domestic production of naphthol dye. It is currently a chemicals manufacturer of major organic compound products in the electronic materials, display materials and agrochemicals fields.
Since the company was founded, we have grown as a technology development-oriented company by refining our process development capabilities with organic synthesis as the core technology.

In addition to steadfastly delivering the quality required of our customers and advanced materials throughout the years, we are always striving to strengthen our quality assurance system so that our products can be used with confidence.

In 2019, we added our new Saga Plant and we have been working to create a 4-plant system that provides peace of mind to our customers from the point of view of BCP.
And, with the management philosophy, Credibility, Creation, Contribution, held close to our hearts, we will continue to expand existing businesses and challenge ourselves with new themes, aiming to be an indispensable company that is trusted by its customers and society alike.

We will earnestly respond to your expectations in the future always putting safety first and not fearing the various changes and new challenges that may arise so we would very much appreciate your continued support.