Message from President

We are a creative group
that supports modern cutting-edge technologies.

Our company was founded in 1950 with the domestic production of naphthol dye as our mission. Based on the synthesis technology of organic compounds that we have acquired since, we have engaged in the development and production of organic chemical materials used in state-of-the-art technologies in the IoT field, AI field and life science field as a technology development-oriented company.

While laying out a management philosophy of "Credibility, Creation and Contribution," and carrying out daily corporate activities, we continue to constantly attempt new challenges without being satisfied with the status quo. As one of our new challenges, we have completed the construction of a new plant in Saga Prefecture in 2019. Our four-base system consisting of the Sakai Plant, Wakayama Plant, Shizuoka Plant and Saga Plant, we will continue to improve our technologies and will take part in manufacturing conforming to the flow of the constantly evolving science and technology.

We will utilize the organic synthesis technology that we have acquired up until now to prioritize the high quality steady supply of materials that match our customers’ needs while acting on the principle of safety first, and demonstrate our presence in the market to increase our corporate value. We thank you very much for your patronage of Sanbo Chemical Industry and sincerely ask for your guidance and support in the future.

Kazumi Nejigaki