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Introduction of Technologies

Reaction Technology

There are many cases in which there are multiple options for the synthesis methods of chemical compounds, and it is extremely important to make selections taking into consideration their safety, economic efficiency and environmental impact. At Sanbo Chemical Industry, the optimal synthesis methods are selected from various angles based on past knowledge and bibliographic surveys in order to propose industrialization processes.

Reaction Technology

Special Reaction Technology

We have earned a high degree of trust for our special reaction technologies that synthesize chemicals used for a wide range of applications, including photosensitive materials. We have an excellent track record of handling and producing generally high-risk substances, including poisonous substances such as acid and alkali, as well as nitro and diazo compounds with extreme attention to safety. We also have extensive experience handling water prohibitive compounds and special metal catalysts.

Specialty Reaction Technology

High-level Purification Technology

In addition to purification techniques based on recrystallization and reprecipitation methods, we also possess recovery and purification technologies tailored to substances such as molecular distillation for generally conducted distillation processes, and support a wide range of purification needs. We also conduct the metal decreasing of ppb levels required in the electronic component field.

High-level Purification Technology

Industrialization Technologies

The increase of the sizes of reactors leads to changes in chemical reaction conditions due to the changes of heat conduction and pressure, so there is a need to carry out various studies, including safety measures. By predicting impact and problem points of these mass production systems in advance, we can devise countermeasures and establish optimal production systems.
We installed EasyMax102 HFCal (synthesizer with calorimeter) in May 2021.
It is possible to design even more safe and rational processes.


Recycling Technologies

The use of solvents and catalysts are essential for organic synthesis reactions. At Sanbo Chemical Industry, we do our best to use recyclable solvents and catalysts at the basic study stage when possible. We also carry out studies of production systems for the manufacturing process, including recycling and reusing of materials, and work to reduce environmental impact.

Rycicling Technologies

Quality Control System

We have received the ISO9001 certification for the production of pharmaceutical products. Our medicinal drug and pharmaceutical intermediate production are GMP-compliant and we have deployed our own management organization. Currently, we are introducing methods such as statistical analysis to achieve even more advanced quality and process control.

Quality Control System